PIM -> PSM Transformation

This section introduces a method for fully-automatic model transformations in the context of RAMI 4.0. By using AutomationML, which represents a library dealing as product catalogue of available components, the best possible solution to execute required functions is found.

The corresponding algorithm is implemented within the RAMI Toolbox, while Siemens engines are dealing as presentable case study. The case study as well as the RAMI Toolbox containing this functionality with all additional material can be download under the following links:

The Case Study modeled in Enterprise Architect as well as the AutomationML file is freely available for your own usage. Feel free to adapt it to your interests or just execute it to comprehend the results. To reproduce the scenario at your own computer, consider the following steps:

  • 1. Install the RAMI Toolbox from the link above
  • 2. Put the AML-file of the ZIP-folder above into the RAMI Toolbox installation folder
  • 3. Download the Fischertechnik Case Study from the link above
  • 4. Download the instructions from the link above
  • 5. Follow the step-by-step methodology mentioned in Chapter 6 to recreate the scenario

The corresponding Paper can be found here: https://www.en-trust.at/papers/Binder21b.pdf

New research results will be pulished as fast as they are available. For questions or other issues contact me at christoph.binder@fh-salzburg.ac.at